Conference Speech: Armen Grigorian, Managing Director of Defoe Redmount, will deliver a keynote speech at the Family Office Forum of Boston Club in New Orleans, on March 27, 2018.

The speech will be about how business owners may leverage tailored growth and exit strategies to monetize their business value, while also:

  • Accelerating business value growth
  • Maximizing exit value
  • Eliminating personal liabilities
  • Reducing transfer risks
  • Building assets outside the business
  • Impacting long-term after-tax finances
  • Maximizing and growing family wealth
“A tailored Growth & Exit Strategy for a $5, $10 or $20 million business can make $1, $2 or $3 million of difference for the owner’s wealth.” – Armen A. Grigorian, Managing Director, Defoe Redmount.

Armen A. Grigorian leverages over 20 years of banking, private equity, and asset management experience to lead Defoe Redmount in providing insights, strategy and capital to entrepreneurs and smaller family offices, and related to them companies, trusts and foundations on two continents. Founded in 1994, Defoe Redmount is an independent merchant banking firm offering entrepreneurs and smaller family offices capital, advice and asset management, helping them grow businesses and wealth. The firm’s Growth & Exit Strategies team consists of multi-disciplinary professionals incorporating decades of  institutional asset management, private equity investment and exit, advisory, and research & analytics experience. The team relies on over 40 additional Defoe Redmount professionals, based in three offices across ten time zones, to marshal resources and help execute growth and exit strategies. The team was recognized as a “Top 10 Global Exit Strategies Team for businesses under $100 million” by The Financial Times Family Office Forum.