Selling your company is a very personal transaction. You’re probably the founder and have sentimental attachments to the business and its customers. Finding the right buyer is extremely important to make sure those relationships are preserved and the business continues to thrive.

Valuations can be confusing and are often subject to discretion. We make sure we use several valuation methods to price your business at the most advantageous model. No longer are simple multiples of cash flow acceptable. You could be leaving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Redmount finds not only a buyer but the right buyer at the right valuation. Our buyers are qualified financially as well as have the right skill set to take over a business.

In addition, we make sure your buyer has access to lenders and private capital to make the transaction seem painless.

Contact us today for a discussion on current valuation models and to see if we can help find a buyer for you.

Tailored personalized strategies are needed for unique exit goals.

Major Lifestyle Change

This is for sellers who are retiring or using business proceeds for a major purchase.

Build Wealth

This is for sellers who are retiring or using business proceeds for a major purchase.

Next Chapter

This is for sellers who are retiring or using business proceeds for a major purchase.

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